About Us

How It All Began…

Dr. Katrina Hutchins (Dr. K) coined the phrase, “I’m God’s Girl For REAL™” many years ago as her own personal mantra. She used the phrase to serve as a declaration
that, in spite of flaws, in spite of shortcomings, and in spite of imperfections, God extends His perfect Love and Grace towards us. Dr. K began sharing this mantra with women who crossed her path and inviting them to join her in boldly making the same declaration. To date, the I’m God’s Girl For REAL™ Network has grown to nearly 4000 virtual members!



This is Who We Are and What We Declare!

We are God’s Girls For REAL

We are God’s Girls For REALWe have within us the beauty of who GOD destined us to be; and we face the world fearlessly.
We are God’s Girls For REAL...We epitomize imperfection. Yet, it’s our imperfection that reveals our need for HIS intimate connection.
We are God’s Girls For REALWe are more than what others see. They don’t have enough vision to truly capture our GOD-identity.
We are God’s Girls For REALIt’s in our image. It’s in our style. It’s in our heart. It’s in our smile.
We are God’s Girls For REALWe are sometimes misunderstood. But, HE covers us! HE comforts us. HE works things out for our good.
We are God’s Girls For REALWe’ve had battles. We’ve been wounded. We’ve cried many tears. Yet, HE’s held us through it all, in every season, through all of our fears.
We are God’s Girls For REAL...We feel no need to apologize for who or what we are. We make no excuses. We wear no shame. We wear no masks. We know our name…
WE are God’s Girls For REAL!

©Dr. Katrina Hutchins 2015

Meet Dr. K


The REAL Dr. K

If you were to ask me many years ago, “Dr. K, who are you?”
I would have told you about my age, my family, my educational background, where I worship, my career, where I live, my hobbies, along with multitudes of other external descriptors.
I would have told you all about my external world and all of the things that exists in that world. I would have flashed a convincing smile that emerged from the many masks I wore.
I would have told you many, many wonderful things about the woman I wanted you to see, while failing to mention the woman who was covered under all of the external stuff…
But, after a tumultuous and arduous journey of uncovering the “Real Me” – I am always honored to share who I am.
I am a woman who is comprised of the sum total of her experiences – good, bad, and ugly.
I am perfectly imperfect. I am flawed. Yet, I am still perfectly loved by God.
I am scarred. Yet, my scars are beautiful reminders of just how far I’ve come.
I am gifted. Yet, my gifts don’t define me. My definition comes based upon how I use them for my God-Assignment in the world.
I am complex. Yet, my complexities are a gleaming representation of how we are all created by God to be unique.
I am confident. Yet, I am not confident in myself, but in the truth that I was created to be God’s shining light in the world.
I am certain, not about everything, but certain that there is a plan and destiny at work in my life that far exceed my ability to comprehend.
I am powerful, not because I believe I exude strength, but because I am committed to addressing the things that cause me to be powerless.
I am passionate about life. I am inspired by possibilities. I am grateful for my journey. I am God’s Girl For REAL!

~Dr. K


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